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Removals Service

P&M Movers provide set removals for all our clients including some services other companies charge for as an added extra.

The system we employ makes it easier for the client to understand what they are paying for and it takes the stress out of the removal process for the client as it is stressful enough for them from the outset.

When moving a long distance it is in your best interest to work with us and arrange a two or three day removal.

The two or three day removal allows us to load the vehicle the days prior to the moving day then travel down the day before the move.

If you have somewhere to stay or are ok to book into a hotel you have all the following day to move into your new home.

The other option is to load the day prior to the moving day and keep just what you need until the moving day when we will come and collect the last items and transport them to your new property.

This is mainly for long distance removals and large property removals. Most of all it is just common sense and it relieves the pressure of moving when leaving a large property or traveling a long distance. You are ready the day before you move and have the full day to move into your new home.

We advise our clients to contact and arrange the hand over of the keys directly so you do not have the situation where the estate agent sits on the keys and you do not get them till late in the day.

Once the money has been transferred you can get the keys but for some reason estate agents keep hold of them and put jobs into overtime status for no reason.

Speak with the other parties and advise them you are packing and leaving the day before and you will be in the location of your new home on the morning of the moving day. Doing this gives you the whole day to either move in, get the keys or in the worst case scenario resolve any problems you may have with the other peoples solicitors or estate agents. 

Fixed Rate Removals.

We provide a fixed rate service where the price quoted covers all the services stated on the quotation and the removals contract. This price will not change unless you change the location of your move to an area outside of the quoted area in the contract.

Items added after the original quotation will be charged for if it will not all fit on the van or lorry.

If you are ordering new goods for your new house have them delivered to your new address as they may not fit on the removals van.

Hourly Rate.

The hourly rate removal is really for local small moves within the same location only because it is viable for them to use a smaller vehicle for a shorter length of time. With hourly rated removals you pay for the vehicle and a number of men to carry out the move.

Removals Hourly Rates.

The 2 man local hourly rate consist of a luton or panel van and two men @ £65 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours.

The 3 man local hourly rate consist of a luton or panel van and three men @ £70 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours.

The 3 man local hourly rate for 2 luton vans or 1 x 7.5 ton box van and three men @ £80 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours.

Waiting Time & Charges.

This hourly rate service includes waiting time @ the contracted price per hour for: - key waiting times, traffic jams, problems with your exchange or solicitors. There is no time limit or ceiling for the amount of time spent on a hourly rate removal.

We will work with our clients if the time scale becomes a problem through no fault of our own.

Clients can contact their own insurance company to ask for cover against this problem if it occurs.

This form of insurance can also come with legal protection so they fight for you if it is not your fault.

Plastic Stacking Crates

Plastic stacking crates are perfect for the local area removals market. 
We bring a number of crates to you free of charge prior to your removal so you can pack and stack your belongings ready for your moving day. We leave the crates with you for approximatly two weeks giving you time to unpack without the stress of having to unpack on the same day. We collect them when you are finished. A deposit is charged at £1.00 per case payable in advance refunded in full once crates are returned or collected. If you wish to buy crates from us the are charged at £3.50 per crate

Plastic Tote Crates

Perfect for the removal of bulk items on local removals. Pack and stack them without the worry of items getting crushed or damaged during a move. These cases are perfect for your fragile or delicate items providing 100% more protection than boxes. Tote cases are also used for transporting frozen food items which can be emptied straight into the freezer at the new house. These cases are collected on the day of the removal. We cannot guarantee frozen food staying frozen as the they are just plastic cases, if they are going to be used for any length of time it is better if you use freezer blocks and bags then put them in the tote cases. 

Cardboard Stacking Boxes

These boxes are perfect for packing household goods. Pack and stack without the worry of damage.
These crates hold bulk veg soyour goods are safe from the crates collapsing or falling apart when your belongings are packed in them.
Like the plastic crates these are 100% better than normal boxes as they stack without touching the items in the box. We use these mainly for long distance removals as we do not need them back. You can also use them for storage after you have unpacked.
We do not come and collect them from clients as you can give them away or get the council to collect them.


P&M Movers can dismantle your beds and rebuild them once they are at your new address. You need to remove the bedding so our staff members can take them apart and rebuild them at the new address.
This is a service and may come with a charge dependent on the type of beds.

Draw Packs

When packing your belongings you do not need to empty your draws. Leave the things in the draws as we remove the draws and put them back in the unit when it is loaded on the van. The draw packs must be in good condition as we cannot gaurentee they will not collaps if they are overloaded.


We can dismantle standard wardrobe units when needed and rebuild them at the new home. We ask you to remove the clothes ready for removal. There is a charge for dismantling wardrobes due to the time involved. We will rebuild the wardrobe in the room of your choice ready for you to rehang your clothes. 


Mattresses are now expensive items so protecting them is important. P&M Movers designed their own waterproof, dustproof and dirt proof protective mattress bags especially for the removals sector. No other company has these protective bags unless they bought them from P&M Movers


Packing the kitchen items can be hard work but we have a system that takes the stress out of the packing. We provide a range of stacking boxes which are perfect for the kitchen items. We can also provide plastic stacking or packing crates on a returnable basis if you are in the local area.

Garage & Garden

Garage and garden equipment is normally dusty and dirty due to where they are kept. P&M Movers can provide a seperate vehicle if needed so nothing transfers on to your furniture. This system allows us to transport plant pots, tools and garden items without the risk of marking your household furniture.

Quotation and Contract Promise

P&M Movers provide our clients with a detailed quotation explaining everything we discussed when we viewed your property. Once you have made the decision to use P&M Movers we will send you a contract conformation by email which protects your removal and confirms the services and prices quoted. We will plan and organise your move leaving nothing to chance and you will be fully aware of what is happening and when it will be carried out. There will be no hidden charges or services added to the fixed rate price even if your moving date changes. As long as you are not moving out of the area stated we will work around you and your needs at the rate quoted. P&M Movers work with their clients to give them the removal or relocation they want and not one they are told they can have. P&M Movers abide by the same terms and conditions used by (BAR). The British Association of Removers.

BAR are the trading standards recognised trade association for removal and storage services in the UK.

Flat Screen and Curved Televisions

Transport & Insurance

Large Screen Televisions & Monitors Flight Cases

Foam Padded Twin Screen Flight Cases 

Large secure flight cases built specifically for the transportation of large screen monitors and televisions. The flight case offers us the best protection we can have to transport Televisions ans screens.
Due to the size and the fragility of the screens it is almost impossible to guarantee they get to the new location in one piece.
We will do everything in our power to make sure these screens get to their new location safely. 

Mid Range Screen Flight cases

Single Screen Foam Padded Flight Cases

Mid-range screens are not as fragile as the larger screens so we do not need a large flight case. Smaller screens are transported in smaller single screen flight cases. These cases offer the best protection you can get for your televisions or monitors. It is impossible to 100% guarantee screens get to their new location in one piece.
The huge number of  new TV's damaged in their original boxes shows the difficulty of transporting new style fragile televisions without them damaging the screens.

Televisions and Monitor Insurance 

 P&M Movers goods in transit insurance company will no longer offer insurance cover for televisions
due to the fragility of the large thin screens televisions and monitors.

This also applies to the curved television screens and mid-range televisions and monitors.

P&M Movers are more than happy to move your televisions and monitors at your request and we will do everything we can to minimise the risk of damage to any television or monitor large or small.

Due to the size and fragile nature of the modern screens it is impossible to 100% guarantee they will get there intact.

P&M Movers are willing to transport your televisions and monitors using our custom built flight cases specifically designed for the transportation of large or small, flat or curved thin screened televisions.

Televisions being transported in flight cases must be seen working on the day of the removal.

All televisions and screens even in flight cases are not covered by P&M Movers Goods in Transit Insurance.

We will transport TV's at the clients request and own risk and they must be covered by the clients insurance.

P&M Movers do not accept responsibility or liability for any screen transported on our vehicles. 

Clients should check with their house and contents insurance cover as you may find you are already paying for removals insurance as part of your contents insurance policy.


P&M Movers abide by terms and conditions for removal companies as set out by leading trade associations.

British Trade associations for removal companies are the bench mark for removal and storage services. 

In the event of a screen being broken we will work with the client to resolve the matter through their insurance. We do this by providing the information needed to make their claim.

A disclaimer must be signed on the job sheet confirming you are aware P&M Movers accept no liability for the transportation of televisions or monitors by any means.


Flat Pack Furniture.

No flat pack furniture is covered by insurance.
Due to the nature of the furniture it is not made to dismantle or move once it has been assembled.

Any dismantling of flat pack furniture must be signed off with the disclaimer by the client before you touch or move the furniture on to or into the new properties.

Client are informed of this during the quotation and you must read and sign the disclaimer before the items are dismantled or loaded on to the vehicles.

Failing to sign the disclaimer which indemnifies us against the flat pack furniture problem will end up with the item being left at the property. If the paperwork is not signed the client must dismantle  the furniture in question and it will be down to them to reassemble it at the new property.

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